Fall is upon us—there is no denying it. The leaves are changing colors and falling. Many are happy to see fall approaching, while others are still holding on to the summer feeling for as long as possible. Regardless, as the seasons change, it is time for some cleaning up.

As a homeowner, it is important to make sure everything is set for when the colder months come. Here are some helpful home maintenance tips to ensure your home is protected in the months to come:

  1. Remove and store your window air conditioner 
    When the cool air of fall starts to set in, there’s no need for that air conditioner anymore. It’s essential to take your air conditioner out and store it for the colder winter months. This helps ensures that it is in working condition next summer when the heat starts to kick up again. 
  2. Make sure your furnace air filter is clean
    As the weather gets colder, you’ll be turning on your furnace for heat. To ensure that it doesn’t stop working in the dead of winter, make sure there is a new filter in there. This keeps the furnace in tip-top shape and ensures the air it is pumping is clean. 
  3. Trim your landscape
    It is just as important to maintain proper landscaping in the fall as it is in the spring. Getting rid of dead branches can help ensure that your house will be safe during a storm.
  4. Have bright lighting on your porch
    Having proper lighting in your front entrance can ensure that accidents don’t occur. As days get shorter and darker, it is better to have enough lighting to make it safely down the steps at 4 pm. 

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