Daily commutes can be a bigger ordeal in the winter months when you have to spend time cleaning snow and ice off of your car. The next time you find yourself in this situation, here are a few tips you should remember:

Make sure you’re cleaning the snow from your car with an appropriate brush. Using something inappropriate, like a snow shovel, will damage your paint.

Before you begin scraping off the ice, start your car and begin defrosting the windows. Just make sure the car isn’t a garage when you do this so that you have proper ventilation. If your radiator grill or the exhaust pipe are blocked, however, you should avoid starting the care until they are clear.

Hot water may seem like a good way to melt ice, but if you pour it on your frozen windshield, the glass is likely to crack.

Don’t activate your windshield wipers until you’ve made sure they are free of ice and you are certain they aren’t frozen the to the glass. You could damage them, otherwise.

Cleaning off your car in the cold may not be an enjoyable task, but we hope these tips will make things go a little more smoothly for you.

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