Condo Insurance

Condos can be a wonderful option for some rather than living in a home or an apartment.

condo insurance

Why Condo Insurance is Important

Owning a condominium may offer more space than an apartment and more amenities than a house. Because condos are a different kind of residence, they require a different type of insurance policy where you are protecting more than your possessions as in an apartment.

Condo Insurance from William Isaac Insurance Agency will offer protection beyond the coverage your condominium association provides. Your coverage will offer basic liability to cover property damage and/or bodily injury as well as replacement costs for your personal property. Unlike renters insurance, with condo owners insurance you are covered for any damage done to the inside of your space and for costs in replacing or repairing items such as flooring, drywall, ceilings, and more. In addition, should there be an occurrence such as a fire or other disaster that causes your condo to be inhabitable, having coverage for additional living expenses may compensate you for costs associated for housing needed in the interim while your unit is being repaired.

To determine the amount of condominium coverage you need, contact one of our specialists today.

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