Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Theft is a growing crime in the United States and may be the reason why millions of people fall victim each year.

identity theft insurance

Why Identity Theft Insurance is Important

Major data breaches contribute to the increases in identity theft and cause innocent people to become vulnerable to this wrongdoing.

Once your identity is stolen, the difficulty in restoring your credit and getting your life back in order can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming.

Secure your identity with identity theft coverage from William Isaac Insurance Agency. We offer an easy and affordable way to protect yourself and family members. 

Policy Details

This type of coverage can be added to your homeowners, renters or condo insurance policy and will provide with the necessary tools to assist in covering the expenses incurred in reinstating your identity.

Some of the expenses included in the policy may be:

  • Fees from Attorneys
  • Certified Mail Expenses
  • Re-Application Fees for loans
  • Lost Income Reimbursement
  • Costs for Executing Affidavits
  • Commercial Insurance

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