Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Isn’t it better to be protected in the case of major catastrophic events than not?

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Why Umbrella Coverage is Important

Umbrella coverage is just what it sounds like; it goes over your primary liability insurance coverage on your auto, home, etc. When you use an umbrella in the rain, it protects your entire body. An insurance umbrella picks up where the primary auto or home insurance coverage ends and gives another layer of liability coverage.

Make sure you’re protected from whatever storm that may come. Talk with one of our team members today. As long as you have Umbrella Coverage, you’ll be secure! 

    Coverage Options

    An umbrella is the best buy for your money, given all it protects. It can protect you in certain instances like:

    • Car Accidents
    • Defense fees and legal costs
    • Accidents involving your recreational vehicles
    • Accidental injuries that happened on your property
    • And much more!

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