Renters Insurance

Renting a house, apartment or condo can be an exciting chapter in someone’s life. It is important to keep your personal property and possessions safe in case anything happens.

renters insurance

What is Renters Insurance?

For those who are renting an apartment, house, or condo, renter’s insurance provides coverage to protect your belongings in the event that something unexpected happens.


Who Needs Renters Insurance?

Something to understand when renting a property is that the landlord’s insurance policy will typically only cover the building itself, not any of your personal belongings. This is where renter’s insurance comes in. It provides protection in the event that something happens to your personal property, such as being stolen, vandalized, or damaged in a fire. Your landlord won’t cover this, so you’ll need to provide your own protection. Some landlords even require that their occupants have renters insurance.

When renting, be sure to take stock of your personal belongings and have an idea of what their value is, and what it would cost you to replace them if they were destroyed in an accident. This can help give you an idea of what renters insurance can help protect you against.


What Does Renters Insurance cover?

Personal Property

Renters insurance can help cover the cost of replacing personal items if the event that they are damaged, destroyed, or stolen in situations such as:

  • Accidents
    Renters insurance covers damages from accidents such as fire, smoke damage falling objects damaging your property, vehicle collisions, water damage from freezing pipes.
  • Weather
    You are protected from damage to your property by weather schedule as windstorms, snow, hail, and ice.
  • Theft / Vandalism
    Theft, burglary, vandalism, or damage from riots can be covered under renters insurance.

Loss of use can also be covered. Should your home become uninhabitable due to a loss covered by your policy, this coverage can provide additional living expenses to cover some of the time needed to replace or repair the covered items.


Renters insurance can cover more than just property, as it can include liability coverage as well. If you are found responsible for the injury of a visitor, or damage to their property on your premises, your policy can help cover the resulting costs.


What Items Are Covered Under Renters Insurance?

Typical items covered by renters insurance include:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Appliances
  • Electronics


What Does Renters Insurance Not Cover?

You may require an additional policy to cover some more valuable items which are not normally included under renters insurance. Things like jewelry, cash, coins, boats and other watercraft, gift cards, collectibles, will likely need special coverage. Speak with one of our agents to make sure your valuables have the protection they need.

Renters insurance also does not usually cover pets or damage or injuries resulting from pets. Some types of damages, like those caused by flooding, earthquakes, or insects may require special coverage.

To get the best coverage at the best price, get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and we’ll help find the right policy for you.

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