Travel Trailer Insurance

Whether it is camping in the wilderness, carrying equipment for your landscaping service, towing your boat, or towing a motorhome, your trailer is following close behind you.

travel trailer insurance

Why Travel Trailer Insurance is Important

Even though trailers are not driven, they’re usually trailed behind your vehicle. Just like your vehicle, they should be insured. Accidents can still occur with the extra baggage of a trailer on your rear.

It is important to ensure that you’re protected from any type of accident or harm that could come from a trailer.

Working with insurance companies that specialize in recreational vehicle coverage is our specialty at William Isaac Insurance Agency. We’ll find the right coverage for you for the right price. Our goal is to keep our customers safe and covered.

Coverage Options

Different coverage packages that are offered are: 

  • Emergency expense
  • Total loss replacement
  • Replacement cost/personal effects 

Additionally, certain discounts can be applied to your Travel Trailer Insurance: 

  • Responsible driver discount 
  • The original owner of tailer discount
  • Advanced quote on trailer discount

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